Halloween is approaching

During an early October trip to FabMo’s wonderful collection of fabrics somehow the autum colors caught my eye. I could not help but rush home to whip up a simple pumpkin pattern. I found a few but modified it into a simple cloth ball cushion and added a spiral of a stem with a fold and cut leaf that can be removed later for future use as a non pumpkin orange tuffet pillow.

What I did not know was that FabMo was offering a class at that very time over at Goole on making stuffed eight inch pumpkins with fancy rolled stems. Amazing, I also whipped up a tiny post card sized pattern to share of how to make your own soft pumpkin.

Next I plan to write instructions on how to do a simple chain stitch embroidery in wool on colored burlap for FabMo. It is such a speedy way to draw with thread and much more enticing than the slick machine embroidery solution for image creation.