Square series, six for a 6 potholder

8” Square Potholder or Trivet, works for different sized hands and makes a great hostess gift or a pick me up for your kitchen. 
This is a fast project only takes a few minuets to make once you gather and press the materials. It is accessible for kids or people new to sewing. You can check out the demo video to see how to assemble potholder.


6 squares of 9” medium weight fabric (cotton) 

2 thich batting layers or old towels 9”square

Thread, sewing machine

Optional ribbon or tape loop for hanging 


From the 6 squares of fabric take two and sandwich two layers of batting good sides out, quilt if desired

Optional, male a 3” tape hanging loop

Fold 4 squares of fabric good sides out and weave into a pinwheel square 

Pinwheel neatly stacks on top of sandwich. Pin, stitch catching all the layers but not sewing over pins. Trim the corners and excess bulk. Turn right side out and poke corners out, use as a potholder or trivet.